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Agricultural Machinery Parts Teach You How To Buy Accessories
Oct 16, 2017

Daily maintenance: Before each use to check, check the bolts in all parts, nut is loose and lubricating oil quantity, at the same time to carry out regular maintenance and maintenance. If the engine is not working, it can be inspected in several ways. The first is to check whether the fuel is exhausted, if so, the method of elimination is to replenish fuel; the second is to check the engine start sequence is correct, the elimination method is to check the start of the pull disk; third, check the engine compression is good, the exclusion method is the pressure reducer lever, using the reverse force rotation; Four is to check whether the fuel injection The elimination method is to check whether the nozzle is stuck and whether the fuel pipe is in air.Agricultural Machinery Parts

If the engine is not in force, it can be examined in several ways. One is to check whether the air filter is blocked, the elimination method is to clean the filter, the second is to check whether the engine oil deterioration or less, the elimination method is to replace or replenish the oil; the third is to check whether the engine is compressed, the removal method is to replace the piston ring.Agricultural Machinery Parts

The harvester greatly reduced the farmers ' labor of harvesting food and increased their productivity. But compared with large combine harvester, the design of small harvester is more casual and the application is more extensive. Let's look at how to buy a small harvester. Self-walking crawler-type all feed into combine harvester. The model is suitable for the harvest of wheat and rice crops, and it can be applied to the wet soil in the paddy fields of central and South China. Can be harvested in different areas, cross-regional operations, but if the long-distance transfer, the need for car transport.

Hanging combine harvester. Hanging combine harvester is the use of tractor power to carry out harvesting joint operation, there is a single power and dual power two kinds. This kind of model is cheap, can use more than one machine, but disassembly is more troublesome, production and sales volume is declining gradually.Agricultural Machinery Parts