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Troubleshooting Methods For Agricultural Machinery Parts
Oct 25, 2017

Troubleshooting: If the engine is not working, you can check it from several aspects. The first is to check whether the fuel is exhausted, if so, the method of elimination is to replenish fuel; the second is to check the engine start sequence is correct, the elimination method is to check the start of the pull disk; third, check the engine compression is good, the exclusion method is the pressure reducer lever, using the reverse force rotation; Four is to check whether the fuel injection The elimination method is to check whether the nozzle is stuck and whether the fuel pipe is in air.Agricultural Machinery Parts

If the engine is not in force, it can be examined in several ways. One is to check whether the air filter is blocked, the elimination method is to clean the filter, the second is to check whether the engine oil deterioration or less, the elimination method is to replace or replenish the oil; the third is to check whether the engine is compressed, the removal method is to replace the piston ring.Agricultural Machinery Parts

After the repair of the farm machinery, remember to ask the repair point for maintenance vouchers and the replacement parts of the invoice, if in the warranty period of quality problems, should hold the maintenance voucher and the replacement parts of the invoice requirements to repair or replacement. If there is a quality dispute, should go to the local agricultural machinery or business Administration department to carry out complaints, if the repair problem occurred in a major quality accident and the complaints are not resolved, can be prosecuted to the local Court. Micro-tillage machine function. The design of micro-cultivator mainly considers field tillage, but with other functions, such as transportation, ditching, paving, harvesting, pumping, power generation, users can choose according to the needs.Agricultural Machinery Parts

Micro-tillage machine supporting power. Matching diesel engine speed is low, but the reliability is higher. The air-cooled diesel engine is lighter than the water-cooled diesel, but the lubrication and cooling performance is poor and the reliability is low. Micro-cultivator chassis transmission. At present, the micro-cultivator chassis in the market has 2 kinds of transmission mode, one is the whole shaft, the whole gear transmission, the other is belt transmission. The former is better suited to the area of soil than resistance, field block compaction.Agricultural Machinery Parts